Capter 6
The Trip Home

Elevation: 50 feet

With the help from more little old ladies Mortimor gets his laundry done and packed and he is now ready for the trip home. The corridor reflects his steps as small echoes, so he jumps up and down to make a little noise.

Maybe I should make a note about the echo, so I can compare it with the echo on the main stairs. I bet Jeff never noticed the difference.

He stops and listens to the silence. After 2 zags and 1 zig he is back at the stairs to the basement.

Gosh - there is 50 feet up and my legs are so short - and I know it will happen again today. Everytime I take the stairs it seems like there are 7 floors up but only 6 down. Today I'll make notes on every floor to see which doubles itself on the way up.

He resets the altimeter and starts his climb up the basement stairs. Out on the street he notices that all the bicycles that are parked along the building makes a pretty picture, but he is too exhausted to find the camera.

While Mortimor spirals his way up the stairs he thinks about all the exploration he has done and all he have to tell Jeff on his return. He reexamines the floor and the paint on the wall and he tests the echo for comparisment by jumping up and down on the 3th floor. As he reaches the frontdoor he remembers all he want to tell Jeff - but he has lost count of the floors - again.

Maybe the floors don't want to be counted. Maybe I never find out which floor that doubles itself on the way up. Even though I want to know all it seems there is always something I miss.

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