Capter 5
The Aliens

The Natives Speak

The laundrymat is filled with people. In a corner sits an old lady. She looks rare og seem to need to be written down and recorded. Mortimor tells her about his project and he asks her if she is rare.

You bet - because I'm old and have experienced much because I have been a housewife all my life and I lived in this house since it was build.

Mortimor grabs his notebook and starts to take notes, but he finds it diffucult and he feels clumsy. The lady says:

I'm shure it would be easier for you if you first removed the sunglases, your overcoat and the mittens - then I'll tell you about the house you live in.

The lady tells about the field where she used to play and how the building stood ready in 1944, and that there where a march-band playing at the opening. It was all a gift to the Socialdemocratic Party from some Germans that where here.

You can't imagine how it was getting my own flat with both a real kitchen and bath and central heating and the only thing I should do was to be nice to the Germans.

Mortimor thinks it all sounds real rare and he takes many notes, but as the lady gets up to attend her laundry he fall into stagnation and stalls.

I think you fell asleep - the old lady says - you forgot to start your laundry!

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