Capter 4
Destination Unknown

Hot and exhausted our traveler finds the stairway to the cool basement and let it lead him down into the dark, step by step. At the bottom of the stairs he makes a stop. Everything is suddently dark, damp and cool. It smells used and and the cool air gives him new vitality and hope. He grabs the backpack and retrives the altimeter.

Let me see. 1 line to the left is 50 feet, og a foot is not a paw ... so it must be much.

Using the torch he makes his way through the narrow corridor as it menaders in zig-zag until he reaches the door to the laundrymat. He takes the notebook and writes:

"The corriodor through the basement have 1 zig and 2 zags and is 200 bearsteps long. Hight: 50 feet under the livingroom floor."

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