Capter 3
The World Outside

The world is big, especially if you are a teddybear

Our intreprid traveler faces reality. Without the secureness of home and the support of friends he stands in the doorway to the big world ... and freezes. He lookes around but do not get more confident in finding that the 180 degree vision to the sides also stretches up, endlessly into the deep blue clear summer skies.

Maybe I should consult the traveling guide, or maybe I should find the laundrymat in the basement?

He desides for the traveling guide and twists himself out of the backpack to find the guide. He sits down to study the guide, but even with the help of the map, he findt no description of the combination of exploring the world and doing your laundry at the same time.

Maybe I should try something new - something nobody have done before - that would be a real exploration! I'm goint to use my intuision and just go on.

Determined he get up and reintangle himself in the backpack. He stumples ahead under the weight and the heat. He looks around for the first point of destination in his new freedom and sees the stairway down to the cool basement. He has all the options in the world. Standing in islandic sweater, mackintosh and heavy boots in the baking sun he finds it best to excavate the basement first.

This is really tough, but if you want to explore and learn you must sweat.

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