Capter 2


Our intreprid traveler is fule prepared and ready. Determined he opend the door to the outside world and all its possibilities. Toothbrush, repari tools, Baedeker, canopener, matches and notebook is packet. Mortimor is ready!

Farewel my good brother Jeff. I will now travel out into the world to explore and experience. Nothing will be missed. Nothing will be overlooked. I prepared for every event and possibility.
Yeeeaaah - you sort of rememberet everything - except the laundry.

Our intreprid traveler takes the first step out into the unknown world. He stands now on the doormat and sees a hole world of exiting things. The floor turns out to be of a rare type of terasso that is specially butifull and of exceptionel quality, and he desides to take notes and photograph.

Interesting! But wait a minute. The doormat I stand on is also rare. It looks like coco, so it must have come from far away. Maybe I should take a fiberexample?
Jeff: THE LAUNDRY ... you forgot the laundry.

After having ajustet the uppacking to the recomendations of the travelagent our intreprid travelser ventures on. I notices that the banister is out of old worn wood, supported by white metal rods. The sun is shining throught the windows and the shadows makes stripes and patterns over the steps and walls.

I think I'll photograph it all so Jeff can see it all when I return, and I must make a note about the fine white dots in the terasso and all the small dots in the wallpaint, because Jeff have guaranteed never seen it before. Maybe I should also find out how terasso is made and how walls are painted?

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