Capter 1

Our intrepred explorer prepares for the jurney. If you want to explore and experience you must prepare thoroughly. Map, food and ... an altimeter?

Mortimor, to himself: 'Money, passport and tickets'
What are you doing?
Preparing myself!
I see. It looks like the preparation for Around The World In 80 Days. Mackintosh, food, boots, maps, a lifeline, a notebook, binoculars, pass, torch, camera, an 8 language guide to travel and ... an altimeter?
Yes! I'm going to explore and experience!
And what is the altimeter fore?
There is a long way down from the 5th floor to the basement!
You should permanently be tied to a GPS ... and a St. Bernhards.

You gotta give me an explanation for the boots, mackintosh and torch, as it is high summer and hot as hell. The sun is shining from a cloudless sky and ... you forgot the laundry.

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