Jeff & Mortimor Hendersmidth

The Art Of Doing Laundry

It was a hot summersday - the air stood still. A lazy summers day. Jeff sad as usual in tense concentration bend over the computer doing the books and correspondance. Mortimor sad as usual bend over his computer in mediative silence - thinking.

Jeff: Danm, I can't find the error
Mortimor: 'Life is a puzzle picture'
You'll find great joy in searching, if you let yourself experience and see.
... Did the heat do this to you?
Naaah, but I was just thinking about how much we do not see in our near sorroundings and how often we search for possibilities among unlimited possibilities.
Take your bookkeeping. If you found it interesting finding the error you would not groan but be exited. Life is a puzzle picture, and there is always something to be found and found out.
Ok - I understand - In the heat Mr. Reality have left us again??
NO. It is you that lost contact with reality. If you realy did se reality you would easy see the error ... wouldent you?

If you found it interesting to do the books you would not be boored and it would be much easier to find the error.
OK - and you can then try out your own theory by adding exitement to doing laundry, because it is your turn and it should be done today!

Jeff: What do you want to be, when you grow up?
Mortimor: Boheme - I want to travel and experience. I want to be an explorer!
You won't get far on those small paws.
If you open your eyes you can find explorations in all situations. Experience has nothing to do with distance.
Then you better find some inspiration in doing laundry.
You bet, and I'll write a book about it!

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