From Mortimor Hendersmidths CoMa
The CoMaTime

Take a trip
Experience tomorrow yesterday

Go back into the future

Go back into the future
with the
CoMaTime timemachine

Buy it now and have it delivered last week. Free 30 day trial. If you deliver the product back 30 days before you bought it, you can get a full refund.

The CoMaTime timemachine is guaranteed until 1911 - or 2078. All repairs are made as you wait and we deliver your machine back from repair a full week before it broke down.

Spend your future in

Do it now, or wait until last week
Buy our brand new timemachine. You can already today buy model 2007, yesterday.

Take advantage of inflation and save up in the 1970ies. You can then prepay in 1953 and enjoy your new CoMaTime timemachine already in 1939 (if you where born then).

The CoMaTime timemachine is delivered with both forward and reverse and a timemap of the most outstanding sunsets of the last century and all solar eclipses.

Safe to use

No customers have ever returned to complain.

Give your family the luxury of getting lost in time. Why not give a personal CoMaTime timemachine to your motherinlaw?

Bonus and gifts

For those who have traveled into the future, and therefore have seen themselves, we offer 20% off on our weightloss slim patch CoMaSlim.

We also offer 20% off on Wrinkly Dream for those who travel into the past.



It is highly dangerous to travel in time outside the range from your birth to expected age of death. Don't travel to an age where you are too young to read the manual. On traveling into the future you might need an aging check for every few years you travel, othervice you risk traveling straigt into the grave.

The CoMaTime timemachine is equiped with a compulsory action canseling mecanism, that automatic cansels all actions that can influence the future.

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