Commercial presentation for doctors
(We hope the enclosed redwine and the travel vouchers avoid local taxes)

Farma et Fis (France) proudly presents the placebodrug PlebCebo®

No more waiting for tests or propper diagnosis. Now you can safely medicate without having to listening to the patients symptoms. Thanks to PlebCebo® - the wonder drug.

The positive effect of placebo can not be denied. Through many years of intense study it has become clear, that the effect of placebo is significant. We are proud to be the first company in the world to introduce a true placebo drug, so pure that it is guaranteed to have no real effect.

PlebCebo® lives up to its rumour, and just that. We have never recieved complaints from any satisfied costumers.

PlebCebo-Turbo® replaces PlebCebo Classic®, PlebCebo Plus® and PlebCebo-Express®, with even more convincing graphics and packaging - plus a higher price. This enhances the products funktion and your belief.

PlebCebo Classic®
Recomended price: 53,98 $

PlebCebo Plus®
Recomended price: 57,98 $

Recomended price: 62,98 $

Recomended price: 66,98 $

No risk - for the doctor

PlebCebo® is fabricated as pills, comprising of 90,09% pressed chalk, 9,009% bitter aroma and 0,9009% green color, that are not recomended for food - and that makes PlebCebo® only available by prescription. This inshures that the patient takes the medicine seriously.

The green additive evokes the following warnings:
Keep away from children.
In case of overdose contact hospital imideatly.
Do not use in case of real illness.
Plus a red triangle, indicating causion while driving.

PlebCebo® has shown good effect on imaginated pregnansy.

As the color is sensitive to heat, the package is labled: Keep cool and dry.
As the bitter aroma is unstable, the package is labled: Last day of use (6 months after production)

Trust our profit

PlebCebo® is sold in packages containing 30 pills à 500 mg.

Recomended dose: 1½ pill at each meal. In case the patient complains about lack of effect, raise the dose to 2½ pill at each meal. It is totaly safe to raise the dose up to 10 pills 3 times daily, without causing damage to our profit.

Do it right
Correct position

It is proven that demanding that the patient repeat complicated verbal frases or take strange acrobatic bodily positions have a positive effect on the way PlebCebo® works.

Known sideeffects: none have been found in the intensive tests our lawyers have made.

Do it right
Case of overdose of PlebCebo

Recomended price 49.95.
If you are insured, you can get compensation for det high price of PlebCebo®.

Documentet effect on reumatism, blisters, psychiatric diseases, overweight, headace, common discomfort and many other illnesses.

Thee pill

More that just replace the most common drugs, PlebCebo® also replace diets, sports drugs, fishoil, ginseng and homoeupatic herbal homegardening.

Do it right
This man uses PlebCebo

PlebCebo® is realy the wonder drug, and have proven its effect in places where traditional medicine just works.

Should the treatment with PlebCebo® go wrong, then blame the patient for not trusting the treatment enough for you to have responsability.

With our exclusive patentrights and our juridical expertice, as well as our stylish public-realtion, we are shure you will choose our drug as the No. 1 drug for treatment of your patients. PlebCebo® is your relief from examination and reel medication.

Yours truely
Illusoria Farma Schwindell, directrice
Farma et Fis, Tour de Trick, France.

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to the doctor
We urge you not to show this leaflet to the patient, as it can weaken the effect of PlebCebo®. Give instead the patient the pamphlet: "I'm well, although I'm ill"

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