CoMa goes schizo

Books for people, who can't find out which of themselves they are, or are not.

Ladies, Gentlemen and others.
CoMa - your friendly market - is always there for you. As usual we have chosen to select some items others don't offer. This fine selection of books will bring you comfort and selfunderstanding.

Multiuser Guide To Solitaire

As long as the game of Solitaire has existed people who are schizo have been left out, but now all can join. We learn how multiply strategies makes up a game in them selfes, and he takes up the old discussion: when you play against yourself, are you then a looser or a winner afterwards?

The author is world renowned for his selfdeception and gameplaying, and that is shurely present in this book.

Libraria Dubbleday is best known for her updates on "I'm Schizophrenic And So Am I"
I'm a Schizophrenic - and so am I

This 117th edition is now even more correctly spelled and with real good grammar, but we will have to wait to see if the future brings an edition that can be read by the average reader. After the last page we are again faced with the exiting question: Who is Libraria Dubbleday?

None Of Me Are Schizophrenics

A new book from the man who brought us "The New York School Of Better Dialects" and the bestseller "We'll Learn You English Gooder And Speling Too". A follow up to the bestsellers: "I am neither me nor I" and "The difference between me".

Jalokin Ogits, b. 1956. The author was born in Hungary between two Sundays, and that explains it all.

Lonli da Vinchy was born and raised, and invented expensive painting.
My Life With Me And I

We are taken through several lifes of the author, and learn that there is more to a person than just the personalities.

The Art Of Dialogue
- for one person

In long intellectual discussions with himself, the author takes us into a universe only he understands. The book also includes a chapter on "Roundtable discussions for one person" and good advice on how to avoid arguing with yourselfes.

Robin Crusson - A welknown profile in the intellectual island community

... yet another alternative from The Hendersmidth Brothers